Poisonous Plants

These plants are considered TOXIC (poisonous, possibly dangerous). These plants contain a wide variety of poisons and symptoms may vary from mild to fatal. Contact the local Poison Center for more specific information on these or other plants that may not be on this list. Many other plants not listed here will cause Dermatitis (skin rash). Exercise caution when using these plants around children and pets! NOTE: Plants marked in bold are known to have caused human fatalities.

Wild Plants in Yards, Woods, Swamps & Fields

Botanical NameCommon NamePoisonous Parts
Actaea pachypoda /Actaea rubraBaneberryAll Parts
Celastrus scandensBittersweetLeaves, Seeds, Roots
Ranunculus repensButtercupsAll Parts
Veratrum virideFalse HelleboreLeaves
Cicuta naculataPoison HemlockAll Parts
Cicuta douglasiiWater HemlockAll Parts
Arisaema triphyllumJack-in-the-pulpit (Indian turnip)All parts, Especially Roots
Datura stramoniumJimson Weed(thorn apple, datura)All Parts
Caltha palustrisMarsh MarigoldAll Parts
Ascelpias (several species)MilkweedSap
Mushrooms(several species)MushroomsAll Parts
Atropa belladonnaNightshade, DeadlyAll Parts, Especially Unripe Berries
Toxicodendron radicanPoison IvyAll Parts
Toxicodendron diversilobumPoison OakAll Parts
Toxicodendron vernixPoison SumacAll Parts
Phytolacca americanaPokeberry, pokeweedRoots, Berries
Phytolacca americanaSkunk CabbageAll Parts
Parthenocissus quinquefoliaVirginia CreeperBerries
Ornithogalum umbellatumtar-of-BethlehemBulb

Annuals, Perennials, Groundcovers & Vines

Botanical NameCommon NameToxic Parts
AconitumMonkshoodall parts
AnemoneWindflowerall parts
ArisaemaJack in the Pulpitall parts
ClematisClematisall parts
ConvallariaLily of the Valleyall parts
DaturaJimsonweedall parts
Delphinium x belladonnaLarkspurall parts
DicentraBleeding Heartleaves, roots
DictamnusGas Plantall parts
EchiumBlueweedleaves, stem
EuphorbiaSpurgeall parts
GloriosaGloriosa Lilyall parts
Hedera helixEnglish Ivyall parts
Helemium Sneezeweedall parts
HelleborusHelleboreall parts
IrisIrisroots, leaves
Lantana camaraLantanaseeds, unripe fruit
Lathyrus PerennialSweet peaseeds
Lobelia Cardinal Flowerall parts
LupinusLupineall parts
NicotianaNicotianaall parts
PapaverPoppyall parts
ParthenocissusVirginia Creeperberries
Parthenocissus Boston Ivyall parts
PeyoteMescalall parts
PhoradendronMistletoeall parts
PrimulaPrimroseleaves, stems
RudbeckiaConeflowerall parts
Solanum Nightshadeberries
Toxicodendron spp.Poison Hemlock Poison Ivyall parts

Woody Plants: Trees, Shrubs & Bushes

Botanical NameCommon NameToxic Parts
Aesculus spp.Buckeye, Horse Chestnutnuts, leaves, twigs
Azalea, RhodeodendronAzalea, Rhododendronseeds, leaves, flower
BuxusBoxweedLeaves, Stems
Clycanthus spp.Carolina allspicesap
D. mezereumDaphneBerries (Red & yellow)
Hydrangea macrophyllaHydrangeaflower bud
Ilex spp.Holly, American Holly,
English Holly
JasminiumJessamin, JasmineBerries
KalmiaMountain Laurelleaves, nectar
LaburnumGoldenchain Treeseeds
Ligustrum vulgarePrivetall parts
Prunus spp.Apricot, Cherry, choke cherry, Peach, PlumKernel in the pit
QuercusOaksFoliage, acorns
Robinia pseudocaciaBlack LocustBark, Foliage & Seeds
SambucusElderberryall parts
TaxusYewall parts
Wisteria spp.Wisteriaall parts


Botanical NameCommon NameToxic Parts
CaladiumCaladiumall parts
ColchiumAutumn Crocusall parts
CrocusCrocusall parts
GalanthusSnowdropsall parts
NarcissusDaffodilall parts
RanunculusButtercupall parts
ScillaBluebellall parts

House Plants

Botanical NameCommon NameToxic Parts
AnthuriumFlamingo Flowerall parts
Areca catheauBetal Palmseeds
Caladium HybrideCaladiumAll Parts
CaesalpiniaBird of Paradiseseeds, pod
CycasFalse Sago Palmseeds
DiffenbachiaDumb Caneall parts
EpipremnumPothosall parts
Hedera helix L.English IvyLeaves, Berries
Ilex AquifoliumEnglish HollyBerries
IuphorbiaCrown of Thornssap
Lantana camaraLantanagreen berries
NeriumOleanderall parts
PhilodendronPhilodendronleaves, stem
Ricinus communisCastor Bean seeds, leaves
Solanum spp.Jerusalem Cherryall parts
Zantendschia aethiopicaCalla Lilyleaves, roots

Vegetable Garden

Botanical NameCommon NameToxic Parts
Solanum TubersumPotatoFoliage, Green parts of vegetable
Rheum rhabarbarumRhubarbLeaf Blade
Salanum lycopersicumTomatoVines

Animal Poisonous Plant List

Please note that this list is a reference only! You should contact your veterinarian for consultation and/or treatment if your pet has ingested poisonous plant matter.

The following list contains plants that have been reported to have systemic effects on animals and / or intense effects on the gastrointestinal tract. The information is not all-inclusive, but instead, a compilation of the most frequently encountered plants.

AloeAmaryllisAndromeda Japonica
Asian LilyAsparagus FernAustralian Nut
Autumn CrocusAvocadoAzalea
Bird of ParadiseEuropean BittersweetAmerican Bittersweet
BuckeyeBuddhist Pine Branching Ivy
Calla LilyCastor BeanCeramin (Cutleaf Philodendron)
Charming DiffenbachiaChinaberry TreeChinese Evergreen
Christmas RoseClematisCordatum
Cornstalk Plant (Corn Plant)CyadsCyclamen
DaffodilDaylilyDevil's Ivy
DumbcaneDeadly NightshadeEaster Lily
Elephant EarsEmerald Feather (Emerald Fern)English Ivy
Fiddle Leaf PhilodendronFlamingo PlantFlorida Beauty
FoxgloveFruit Salad PlantGlacier Ivy
GladiolasGlory LilyGold Dieffenbachia
Gold Dust DracaenaGolden PothosGreen Gold Nephthysis
Hahn's self branching English IvyHeartleaf PhilodendronHurricane Plant
Heavenly Bamboo HollyHorsehead Philodendron
Japanese Show LilyJapanese Yew (Yew)Jerusalem Cherry
KalanchoeLace FernLacy TreeLily of the Valley
Macadamia NutMadagascar Dragon TreeMarble Queen
MarijuanaMauna La Peace Lily (Peace Lily)
Mexican BreadfruitMistletoe American
Morning GloryMother-in-LawNarcissus
Needlepoint IvyNephthytisNightshade
OleanderOnionOrange Daylily
PandaPeace Lily (Mauna Loa Peace Lily)
Philodendron PertusumPlumosa FernPrecatory Bean
Queensland NutRed EmeraldRed Lily
Red-Margined Dracaena (Straight-Margined Dracaena)Red PrincessRhododendron
Ribbon Plant (Dracaena sanderiana)Rubrum LilySaddle Leaf Philodendron
Sago PalmSatin PothosSchefflera
Spotted DumbcaneStargazer LilyStriped Dracaena
Sweetheart IvySwiss Cheese PlantTaro Vine
Tiger LilyTomato PlantTree Philodendron
Tropic Snow DumbcaneTulipVariable Dieffenbachia
Variegated PhilodendronWarneckei DracaenaWood Lily
Yesterday Today TomorrowYewYucca