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Thymus or thymon is Greek for "courage." Through the centuries it has been used for traditions relating to this theme. Roman soldiers bathed in thyme water, European knights carried thyme tokens. Other folklore talks of thyme as being the home of fairies. 

Creeping Thyme is one of the best ground covers that I know of. It provides beautiful color and requires little to no maintenance! It can be planted in a herb garden, perennial garden, and I have even seen it planted in the middle of garden walkways. Creeping Thyme is one of the few low growing ground covers that you can walk on. As long as the plant is well established it can be divided during the early spring. It goes well with many plants, I enjoy having it in front of my Sage and Rosemary in the herb garden.

Growing Tips
Trim stems as necessary to control growth.

Genus: Thymus
Species: praecox 'Coccineus'
Common Name: Red Creeping Thyme

Exposure:Sun or Partial Shade
Height: 2-5"
Spacing: 10-14"
Hardy Temp: -15°F
Zones: 5-10
Uses: use in rock gardens, as ground cover or between paving stones.



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